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Single-Particle Tunneling in Doped Graphene-Insulator-Graphene Junctions

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posted on 01.01.2012, 00:00 authored by Randall FeenstraRandall Feenstra, Debdeep Jena, Gong Gu

The characteristics of tunnel junctions formed between n- and p-doped graphene are investigated theoretically. The single-particle tunnel current that flows between the two-dimensional electronic states of the graphene (2D–2D tunneling) is evaluated. At a voltage bias such that the Dirac points of the two electrodes are aligned, a large resonant current peak is produced. The magnitude and width of this peak are computed, and its use for devices is discussed. The influences of both rotational alignment of the graphene electrodes and structural perfection of the graphene are also discussed.




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