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Super-Flexibility Interview I & II

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journal contribution
posted on 2010-11-01, 00:00 authored by Stuart Evans

In Super-Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises:
A Toolkit for Dynamic Adaptation
(Springer, 2010), authors and
educators, Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans
provide a “toolkit” to help organizations and
teams become “super-flexible” in a dynamic
world. They define “super-flexibility” as the capacity
to transform by adapting to new realities,
underpinned by the ability to withstand
turbulence by creating stable anchors. Based
on 25 years of field research, advisory work,
and professional experience in Silicon Valley,
Bahrami and Evans present a cross-functional
general management toolkit for strategizing,
organizing, leading, and ultimately re-inventing
knowledge enterprises. Part I of this
interview will focus on the big picture, or the
theory behind, and the conceptual foundations
of, super-flexibility. Part II of the interview,
published in the following issue, will focus on
the how, or the execution part of the equation
and aims to answer how companies or teams
can become super-flexible.




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