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Teaching CPS Foundations With Contracts

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posted on 2000-10-01, 00:00 authored by Andre Platzer

We describe the experience with courses that teach the Foundations of Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) and methods for ensuring the correctness of CPS designs. CPSs combine cyber effects (computation & communication) with physical effects (motion or other physical processes). CPS represent a paradigm shift that transcends the separation of computer science, which traditionally focuses on computation & communication isolated from the physical world, versus engineering and physics, which traditionally focus more on physical effects than on software intensive solutions. CPS are a unique challenge and unique opportunity for education. They challenge, because of their mathematical demand and interdisciplinary nature. CPS are an opportunity, because students learn important insights about the interface with other areas and develop a deeper understanding about the principles that make cyber and physical aspects work together. The course addresses the challenges of designing CPS that people can bet their lives on by emphasizing CPS contracts.




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