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The Carnegie Mellon Laptop Orchestra

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posted on 2003-01-01, 00:00 authored by Roger B Dannenberg, Sofia Cavaco, Eugene Ang, Igor Avramovic, Barkin Aygun, Jinwook Baek, Erik Barndollar, Daniel Duterte, Jeffrey Grafton, Robert Hunter, Chris Jackson, Umpei Kurokawa, Daren Makuck, Timothy Mierzejewski, Michael Rivera, Dennis Torres, Apphia Yu
The Carnegie Mellon Laptop Orchestra (CMLO) is a collection of computers that communicate through a wireless network and collaborate to generate music. The CMLO is the culmination of a course on Computer Music Systems and Information Processing, where students learn and apply techniques for audio and MIDI programming, real-time synchronization and scheduling, music representation, and music information retrieval.




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