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The Scanlon Plan: A Need for Conceptual and Empirical Models

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posted on 01.04.2012, 00:00 by Paul S. Goodman

Since its inception, the Scanlon Plan has attracted considerable attention. The current national concern with productivity has renewed interest in the Plan as a way to improve productivity levels as well as the quality of work. The attractive features of the Plan include a phi1osopy based on cooperative labor-management relationships, a structure for increasing productivity, and an opportunity for increased need satisfaction for all employees. Despite the many benefits attributed to the Plan, it is the position of this paper that: (1) there have been few well designed studies that can assess the multiple impacts of the Plan, and (2) there has been little theoretical elaboration of models that would aid in predicting , the impact of the Plan in different types of organizations over time. The lack of systematic research and theorizing is not mer'e1y of academic interest; it also has real practical implications.


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