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The Use of MMR and Diversity-Based Reranking for Reodering Documents and Producing Summaries

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posted on 01.01.1981, 00:00 by Jaime G. Carbonell, Jade Goldstein
This paper presents a method for combining query-relevance with information-novelty in the context of text retrieval and summarization. The Maximal Marginal Relevance (MMR) criterion strives to reduce redundancy while maintaining query relevance in re-ranking retrieved documents and in selecting appropriate passages for text summarization. Preliminary results indicate some benefits for MMR diversity ranking in document retrieval and in single document summarization. The latter are borne out by the recent results of the SUMMAC conference in the evaluation of summarization systems. However, the clearest advantage is demonstrated in constructing non-redundant multi-document summaries, where MMR results are clearly superior to non-MMR passage selection.


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