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Timelapse GigaPan: Capturing, Sharing, and Exploring Timelapse Gigapixel Imagery

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posted on 01.11.2010, 00:00 by Randy Sargent, Chris Bartley, Paul DillePaul Dille, Jeff Keller, Illah NourbakhshIllah Nourbakhsh, Rich LeGrand

Ever wished for a time machine? Capturing a gigapixel-scale image freezes a moment in time for later exploration. It’s
especially useful in a case where a scientist doesn’t know at capture time which location in an environment will be salient
later. We present technology to extend gigapixel-scale imagery into the time dimension, capturing many co-located images
over time. Explorers of timelapse, gigapixel imagery explore in both space and time. Hop in your time machine and explore!


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