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Trans-Planckian signals from the breaking of local Lorentz invariance

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posted on 01.05.2008, 00:00 authored by Hael Collins, Richard HolmanRichard Holman

This article examines how a breakdown of a locally Lorentz-invariant, pointlike description of nature at tiny space-time intervals would translate into a distinctive set of signals in the primordial power spectrum generated by inflation. We examine the leading irrelevant operators that are consistent with the spatial translations and rotations of a preferred, isotropically expanding, background. A few of the resulting corrections to the primordial power spectrum do not have the usual oscillatory factor, which is sometimes taken to be characteristic of a “trans-Planckian” signal. Perhaps more interestingly, one of these leading irrelevant operators exactly reproduces a correction to the power spectrum that occurs in effective descriptions of the state of the field responsible for inflation.




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