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Using Story Topics For Language Model Adaptation

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posted on 01.06.2008, 00:00 by Kristie Seymore, Roni Rosenfeld

The subject matter of any conversation or document can typically be described as some combination of elemental topics. We have developed a language model adaptation scheme that takes a piece of text, chooses the most similar topic clusters from a set of over 5000 elemental topics, and uses topic specific language models built from the topic clusters to rescore N-best lists. We are able to achieve a 15% reduction in perplexity and a small improvement in WER by using this adaptation. We also investigate the use of a topic tree, where the amount of training data for a specific topic can be judiciously increased in cases where the elemental topic cluster has too few word tokens to build a reliably smoothed and representative language model. Our system is able to fine-tune topic adaptation by interpolating models chosen from thousands of topics, allowing for adaptation to unique, previously unseen combinations of subjects.




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