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Video Information Retrieval: Lessons Learned with the Informedia Digital Video Library

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posted on 01.07.2007, 00:00 authored by Alexander Hauptmann, Rong Jin
Video contains multiple types of audio and visual information, which are difficult to extract, combine or trade-off in general video information retrieval. This paper provides an evaluation on the effects of different types of information used for video retrieval from a video collection. A number of different sources of information are present in most typical broadcast video collections and can be exploited for information retrieval. We will discuss the contributions of automatically recognized speech transcripts, image similarity matching, and video OCR in the contexts of experiments performed as part of 2001 TREC Video Retrieval Track evaluation performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For the queries used in this evaluation, image matching and video OCR proved to be the most important aspects of video information retrieval.




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