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Vision-based Bicyclist Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles

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posted on 01.06.2010, 00:00 by Hyunggi Cho, Paul E. Rybski, Wende Zhang

This paper presents a vision-based framework for intelligent vehicles to detect and track people riding bicycles in urban traffic environments. To deal with dramatic appearance changes of a bicycle according to different viewpoints as well as nonrigid nature of human appearance, a method is proposed which employs complementary detection and tracking algorithms. In the detection phase, we use multiple view-based detectors: frontal, rear, and right/left side view. For each view detector, a linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) is used for object classification in combination with Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) which is one of the most discriminative features. Furthermore, a real-time enhancement for the detection process is implemented using the Integral Histogram method and a coarse-to-fine cascade approach. Tracking phase is performed by a multiple patch-based Lucas-Kanade tracker. We first run the Harris corner detector over the bounding box which is the result of our detector. Each of the corner points can be a good feature to track and, in consequence, becomes a template of each instance of multiple Lucas-Kanade trackers. To manage the set of patches efficiently, a novel method based on spectral clustering algorithm is proposed. Quantitative experiments have been conducted to show the effectiveness of each component of the proposed framework.