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Visualizing performance debugging

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posted on 2008-09-01, 00:00 authored by Theodore F. Lehr
Abstract: "This article discusses visualizing performance of parallel and sequential computations using the Programming and Instrumentation Environment (PIE) as an example. First, the importance of being able to visualize the performance of a computation is demonstrated. Secondly, an easy guide to one way, the PIE way, of [t]his visualization process is presented. This is followed by examples of concrete uses of the environment. Finally, some of the pressing issues concerning measuring performance are discussed. Three issues are stressed in this article: 1. Visualization of program performance is necessary for fast, correct performance debugging. 2. PIE is a powerful and useful implementation for supporting visualization. It is also a dramatic teaching assistant in that it visually shows actions like forking, scheduling, etc. 3. PIE provides complete support for visualization. The system is aware of issues like program replay, suitably presenting performance data, compensation for perturbation by the measurement facility and support for multiple architectures and languages."




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