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Weak lensing calibration of mass bias in the REFLEX+BCS X-ray galaxy cluster catalogue

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posted on 2015-12-01, 00:00 authored by Melanie SimetMelanie Simet, Nicholas Battaglia, Rachel MandelbaumRachel Mandelbaum, Uros Seljak

The use of large, X-ray selected galaxy cluster catalogues for cosmological analyses requires a thorough understanding of the X-ray mass estimates.Weak gravitational lensing is an ideal method to shed light on such issues, due to its insensitivity to the cluster dynamical state. We perform a weak lensing calibration of 166 galaxy clusters from the REFLEX and BCS cluster catalogue and compare our results to the X-ray masses based on scaled luminosities from that catalogue. To interpret the weak lensing signal in terms of cluster masses, we compare the lensing signal to simple theoretical Navarro-Frenk-White models and to simulated cluster lensing profiles, including complications such as cluster substructure, projected large-scale structure, and Eddington bias. We find evidence of underestimation in the X-ray masses, as expected, with hMX/MWLi = 0.78+0.1 −0.08 for our best-fit model. The biases in cosmological parameters in a typical cluster abundance measurement that ignores this mass bias will typically exceed the statistical errors.




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