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Supplementary Files: The Auditory Lab at CMU

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posted on 29.08.2022, 20:58 authored by Urszula OszczapinskaUrszula Oszczapinska, Laurie HellerLaurie Heller

Supplementary materials for Auditory Lab at CMU: 

1. Agreement Between Online and in-Person Auditory Causal Property Ratings, May 27 2022:  compares ratings of causal properties of everyday sounds between online and in-person (lab) experiments within the CMU student population.

2. Headphone Usage: Online Data Collection with CMU student population, 2021: documents the types of headphones used by CMU students during online listening.

3. The Underlying Temporal Features in the Transition from Bouncing to Rolling Events, 2022, by Oszczapinksa and Heller:

3a. Supplementary Figures S1-S5 and Tables S1-S4

3b. Supplementary analysis code (R)

3c. Supplementary sounds: synthesized bounce-roll continuum