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At the intersection of open science and the transforming research library: Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Open Science Program

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posted on 16.10.2019, 16:49 by Ana Van GulickAna Van Gulick
Poster presented at FORCE2019 in Edinburgh in October 2019.

The open science movement includes the core pillars of transparency, access, and collaboration as well as the ability to leverage data science technology. The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries strategic plan endeavors to transform the library into the hub of research support for the university. In 2018, the CMU Libraries founded the Libraries Open Science Program to support collaborative, transparent, openly accessible, and reproducible research across all disciplines at Carnegie Mellon University. This program provides services and infrastructure for open research at CMU through digital tools, training opportunities for research tools and practices, special events and advocacy in support of open research, and a team of experts available as research consultants and collaborators. The team includes subject librarians with a research focus, methods specialists in data management and scholarly communication, and post-docs and faculty focused on specific research areas and techniques (e.g. GIS, digital humanities).