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Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges: A Literature Review on the Importance of Representation for Women in STEM Fields

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posted on 2023-09-15, 18:12 authored by Malak Annan, Premices Irakoze

For years, women are underrepresented In science related fields and we would like to explore more about this disparity. Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in various aspects, particularly in positions of high-level leadership and STEM fields. This disparity can be attributed to factors such as gender bias, lack of female role models, and a lack of access to STEM education and resources for women. This lack of representation not only presents a challenge to diversity and inclusion, but also raises moral and ethical concerns. It is critical that we address this issue and work toward equal opportunities for all workers. Our project is a literature review where we will investigate the importance of representation for women in STEM fields and how we can break down barriers and build bridges to a more inclusive and diverse world.




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