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How hosting the FIFA World Cup affected the way people see Qatar?

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posted on 2023-09-15, 18:44 authored by Sara Al-EmadiSara Al-Emadi

Qatar is known to be a small county; yet, in recent years, it has been making a concerted effort to establish itself as a significant actor on the world stage. The most recent major event was the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is a competition that many people consider to be the pinnacle of sport. During the world cup, football fans all over the world will have their attention focused on Qatar, which means people’s attention was focused more on the social aspects rather than the event itself. For example, the situation of migrant workers in Qatar has been brought to light by western media outlets, who assert that Qatar is not treating these individuals in an ethical manner and that the number of migrant worker fatalities has grown throughout the construction of the stadiums. On the other side, the possibility of hosting a World Cup presents Qatar with the chance to exhibit its culture to the rest of the world by showing everything from the country's architecture to the hospitality trend that it has established. As a consequence of this, a research is being conducted in an attempt to ascertain the effect that Qatar's hosting of the World Cup will have on the perceptions of the country held by individuals from other nations. As a result, Twitter will serve as the primary source for the gathering of data, and we will use the platform to compile tweets that are associated with Qatar both before and after the World Cup. The primary method for analyzing the gathered data is known as sentiment analysis. This method divides the tweets into three categories: positive, negative, and others.




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