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posted on 24.10.2014, 20:45 authored by Matthew MarstellerMatthew Marsteller

This poster was on display before the October 20, 2014 Physics Colloquium at Carnegie Mellon University. As a part of Open Access Week 2014 activities, the liaison librarian discussed the poster with the physics community. It recognizes the support of the department to the University Libraries revolving around the Open Access movement.  With the Physics Department's support and advice, library funds designated for physics journals were redirected to support the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP3). It was noted that APS and CERN were at least talking about future involvement of APS with SCOAP3. Journal funds were also used to support the Sustainability Project for arXiv.org. SAO/NASA's ADS was noted as a hosting platform for many Open Access copies in astronomy and astrophysics. PubMed Central (PMC) has valuable open access journal articles an books in biophysics. The University Libraries has obtained an institutional membership in PeerJ - biophysicists can submit up to two open access articles per year to this journal.  Open Access to data has become extremely important in response to funder mandates, so the University Libraries, in their role as part of the Data Management Services Group, has secured access to DMPTool to support planning for data management. Finally, Research Showcase has provided an effective repository for Open Access copies (or links to Open Access copies) of research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University. A nearby laptop had a live stream of a global map of article downloads from Research Showcase. This is progress!


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