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pH9 vs pH10: Battle of the Bases for Alkaline Phosphatase

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posted on 2023-09-15, 18:22 authored by Yahya Elkhatib, Hana Hasna, Humera InayatHumera Inayat, Maria Bernadette

Enzymes known as phosphatases are well investigated and often used by cells. Human Alkaline phosphatase is a member of the phosphatase family, which are membrane-bound glycoproteins that hydrolyze phosphate monoesters at high pH levels and are commonly found in the bloodstream. Alkaline phosphatase in human functions best at a pH of 9 according to some studies [4] while others indicate that it functions best at pH 10 [5]. In this project, we resolved the conflict by measuring the enzyme velocity at both pHs using enzyme assay which showed that the optimum pH is 10. A colorimetric assay, NPP is used to assess the activity of the enzyme.




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