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Book Review: "Songs from Sweden": Shaping Pop Culture in a Globalized Music Industry by Ola Johannson (2020)

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posted on 2020-12-08, 22:44 authored by Hannah GundermanHannah Gunderman
This is the accepted version of an original book review for Songs from Sweden: Shaping Pop Culture in a Globalized Music Industry by Ola Johannson (xvii and 169 pp.; maps, ills., notes, index. Singapore: Palgrave Pivot, 2020. $59.99 (cloth), isbn 9789811527357.). The book review is published in the peer-reviewed journal Geographical Review and is currently available online ahead-of-print (see Resource DOI).

This book provides a comprehensive history of Swedish popular music and its successes and describes how this country’s music industry gained widespread prestige as it was/is interwoven into a global network through circulation, reputation, and hybridity (three theories that Johannson fully defines and contextualizes). In this review, I provide a summary of the book and discuss appropriate settings in which this book can be used for educational and/or recreational reading purposes.

Overall, the book presents an incredibly important contribution to the subfields of music geography and economic geography, helping provide a case study in which we can better understand the impact of globalization and cultural circulation on popular culture.

This book review was written in context to my background as a music geography and cultural geography researcher. I present no ethical or legal conflicts of interest in writing this book review.


Publisher Statement

Accepted versions of manuscripts can be placed into institutional repositories as long as the publisher source is acknowledged via citation, and the publisher version is linked to in the record. The final version of this book review is published by Geographical Review (Taylor & Francis) with the current citation: "SONGS FROM SWEDEN: Shaping Pop Culture in a Globalized Music Industry." Geographical Review, ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print), pp. 1–2. DOI: 10.1080/00167428.2020.1851079.