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Ada Adoption Handbook: A Program Manager’s Guide

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posted on 1992-10-01, 00:00 authored by William E. Hefley, John T. Foreman, Charles B. Engle, John Goodenough
The ADA Adoption Handbook provides program managers with information about how best to tap ADA's strengths and manage the transition to fully using this software technology. Although the issues are complex, they are not all unique to ADA. Indeed, many of the issues addressed in this handbook must be addressed when developing any software-intensive system in any programming language. The handbook addresses the advantages and risks in adopting ADA. Significant emphasis has been placed on providing information and suggesting methods that will help program and project managers succeed in using ADA across a broad range of application domains. The handbook focuses on the following topics: ADA's goals and benefits; program management issues; implications for education and training; software tools with emphasis on compiler validation and quality issues; the state of ADA technology as it related to system design and implementation; and the pending update of the ADA language standard (ADA 9X).




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