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Agile Methods: Selected DoD Management and Acquisition Concerns

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posted on 01.10.2011, 00:00 by Mary Ann Lapham, Suzanne Garcia-Miller, Lorraine Nemeth-Adams, Nanette Brown, Bart L Hackemack, Charles (Bud) Hammons, Linda Levine, Alfred R. Schenker

This technical note (TN), the second in an SEI series on Agile in the DoD, addresses some of the key issues that either must be understood to ease the adoption of Agile or are seen as potential barriers to adoption of Agile in the DoD acquisition context. These topics were introduced in the first TN of the series, Considerations for Using Agile in DoD Acquisition (CMU/SEI-2010-TN-002). For this TN, the SEI gathered more data from users of Agile methods in the DoD and delved deeper into the existing body of knowledge about Agile before addressing them. Topics considered here include: why DoD is interested in Agile methods; what it means to be Agile in the DoD; managing and contracting for Agile programs; technical milestone reviews in a DoD Agile acquisition context; estimating in a DoD Agile acquisition context; and moving toward adopting Agile practices. The authors hope that this report continues to stimulate discussion about and appropriate adoption of Agile in the DoD and federal agencies.




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