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An Emergent Perspective on Interoperation in Systems of Systems

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posted on 01.03.2006, 00:00 by David Fisher
This technical report characterizes systems of systems from several perspectives; shows the role of emergent behavior in systems of systems; and introduces interoperability as the domain of development, use, sustainment, and evolution for systems of systems. It argues that the increasing importance of systems of systems was inevitable, emergent behavior is inherent in systems of systems, traditional software and systems engineering methods are inadequate for interoperation of systems of systems, and emergent methods offer a potential for cost-effective and predictable solutions. This report aims to facilitate discussion and reasoning about interoperation within systems of systems by showing some of the interdependencies among systems, emergence, and interoperation. It establishes a sizable but incomplete repertoire of topics, characteristics, and principles that are fundamental to the intersection of systems of systems, emergent behavior, and interoperation.




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