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Architecture Fault Modeling and Analysis with the Error Model Annex, Version 2

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posted on 2016-06-01, 00:00 authored by Peter Feiler, John J. Hudak, Julien Delange, David Gluch

Safety-critical software-reliant systems must manage component failures and conditions of anomalous interaction among components as hazards that affect a system's safety, reliability, and security so the potential effects of hazards on system operation are reduced to an acceptable risk. Standards and recommended practices for safety-critical systems outline methods for analysis, but security-related practices are typically addressed through separate guidance. This report provides guidance on using the Error Model Annex, Version 2 (EMV2), notation for architecture fault modeling and analysis, which supports automated safety, reliability, and security analyses from the same annotated architecture model to ensure consistency across analysis results. EMV2 augments architecture models expressed in the Architecture Analysis & Design Language with fault information to characterize anomalous conditions. The report introduces concepts for architecture fault modeling of systems in an operational environment at three levels of abstraction. In addition, EMV2 introduces the concept of error types to characterize exceptional conditions and their propagation. Finally, EMV2 allows users to specify which system components are expected to detect, report, and manage anomalous conditions and their propagation and to reflect the effects of recovery and repair actions as error behavior states. The report includes several example models.




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