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CASE Planning and the Software Process

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posted on 01.05.1989, 00:00 authored by Watts S. Humphrey
Automating a software process both magnifies its strengths and accentuates its weaknesses. Automation can make an effective process more effective, but it can make a chaotic process even worse and at considerable expense. Anyone who buys expensive tools to solve an ill-defined problem is likely to be disappointed. Unless procuring such tools is part of a thoughtful software process improvement plan, the purchase could be an expensive mistake. This report discusses software process maturity and its relationship to planning and installing computer-aided software engineering (CASE) systems. While process is not a magic answer (there isn't one), the key issues are discussed from a process perspective, and guidelines are given for avoiding the most common pitfalls. Since CASE systems can involve significant investment, an economic justification may be necessary. The relevant financial considerations are therefore discussed, and some basic steps for producing such justifications are outlined. Finally, some key considerations for introducing and using CASE systems are discussed.




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