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Evaluation and Recommendations for Technology Insertion into Technical Order Maintenance

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posted on 1988-05-01, 00:00 authored by Greg Hansen, James W. Over
As the need for mission-critical software systems increases, Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) activities will require increased priority in planning. PDSS is the sum of all activities required to ensure that, during the production/deployment phase of a mission-critical computer system's life, the implemented and fielded software/system continues to support its original missions, and subsequent mission modifications and product improvements. PDSS, therefore, includes not only software "maintenance" but also the activities required for overall system support. The SEI recognizes the importance of PDSS activities in the life cycle of mission-critical systems. In March 1986, SEI personnel met with representatives of the Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC) at Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC), Hill Air Force Base, Utah, to determine if there were areas in PDSS that the SEI could address. The AFLC representatives described the activities performed at Air Logistics Centers and problems encountered in those activities. As a result of this meeting, the SEI authorized a feasibility study to determine how it might best interact with the PDSS community. This report, written in August 1987, describes the evaluation process and the ensuing recommendations for technology insertion into technical order maintenance.




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