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Incident Management Mission Diagnostic Method, Version 1.0

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posted on 01.03.2008, 00:00 authored by Audrey J. Dorofee, Georgia Killcrece, Robin M. Ruefle, Mark T. Zajicek
The Incident Management Mission Diagnostic (IMMD) is a risk-based approach for determining the potential for success of an organization's incident management capability (IMC). This potential for success is based on a finite set of current conditions-a limited set of key drivers used to estimate the current IMC health relative to a defined benchmark. Decision-makers can then determine if the current state of the IMC is acceptable, or if actions are required to improve the situation. The IMMD can be viewed as an efficient, first-pass screening of an IMC to diagnose any unusual circumstances that might affect its potential for success. This document can be read for understanding of the concepts and activities of this method, or to learn how to perform the IMMD. The method description includes full descriptions of all activities as well as a set of worksheets and instructions for executing the method.




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