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Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group (JIAWG) Object-Oriented Domain Analysis Method (JODA)

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posted on 01.11.1993, 00:00 authored by Robert Holibaugh
The Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group (JIAWG) Reuse Subcommittee has initiatives in several areas to demonstrate that reuse can effectively support the JIAWG programs, and the creation of reusable assets is an essential element of reuse. Domain analysis is the process that identifies what is reusable, how it can be structured, and how it can be used. This report describes a method for domain analysis that is based on Coad and Yourdon's "Object Oriented Analysis." This method, the JIAWG Object-Oriented Domain Analysis (JODA), includes several enhancements to the method of Coad and Yourdon and produces a domain model to support asset creation and reuse.




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