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Lessons Learned Collaborating on a Process for SPI at Xerox

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posted on 1999-12-01, 00:00 authored by Priscilla Fowler, Brian Middlecoat, Sung Yo
During 1995-1998, Xerox Corporation's West Coast Production Systems Group (PSG West) worked with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to apply the prototype Process Change Model (PCM) to aid in their efforts to reach Level 2 of the Software Capability Maturity (and to develop the generic processes required for Level 3. The Process Change Model, along with a companion guidebook, was designed to provide the basis for a systematic approach to technology-specific change based in part on "whole product" principles, with a focus on one key process area (KPA) at a time. This report describes a collaborative effort to develop a more systematic and detailed approach to software process improvement (SPI) through use and evaluation of prototype versions of the PCM and guidebook. In particular, the work of the PSG West software engineering process group (SEPG) to apply the PCM and guidebook in working with improvement action teams focused on the KPAs of the Software CMM is described. Lessons learned about the "live" evaluation and maturation of a new process and guidebook such as this are presented. These lessons should be of interest to those engaged in work on technology maturation and the adoption of technological or process innovations as well as to those engaged in SPI and process development.




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