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Moving Up the CMMI Capability and Maturity Levels Using Simulation

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posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by David M. Raffo, Wayne Wakeland
Process Simulation Modeling (PSIM) technology can be used to evaluate issues related to process strategy, process improvement, technology and tool adoption, project management and control, and process design. Recent developments in PSIM tools have drastically cut the costs to develop models for evaluating such issues, and new methods have been developed to apply PSIM, enabling it to provide greater business value. At the same time, trends within the software industry towards improving operations and reducing costs have heightened the need for tools to better plan and manage processes. As a result, organizations regard PSIM as an attractive tool that can provide business value today. This report shows examples of how PSIM has been implemented within industry and government organizations to improve process consistency and results. The report also shows, via many examples, exactly how PSIM supports Capability Maturity Model Integration Process Areas from level 2 through level 5.




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