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Multi-view Decision Making (MVDM) Workshop

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posted on 2009-02-01, 00:00 authored by Christopher J. Alberts, James Smith, Carol C. Woody
A major hurdle for complex development efforts is the lack of effective insight into problems early enough so solutions can be addressed without jeopardizing critical project and organizational constraints. Effectively addressing these challenges requires a set of programmatic and engineering practices that reflect the realities of system-of-systems development, acquisition, fielding and support: multi-view decision making. In support of the Army Strategic Software Improvement Program FY08 Strategic Software Improvement Plan, the Software Engineering Institute conducted a workshop to introduce three analysis techniques-(1) Mission-Oriented Success Analysis and Improvement Criteria, (2) Interoperable Acquisition, and (3) Survivability Analysis Framework-and how they can be combined to address the challenges of managing complexity. Through the use of examples, the limitations of decision making from any one single view and the value provided by a multi-view approach were presented and discussed. This report provides a recap of the workshop.




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