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PECT Infrastructure: A Rough Sketch

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posted on 01.12.2002, 00:00 by Scott HissamScott Hissam, James Ivers
A prediction-enabled component technology (PECT) is an approach to achieving predictable assembly from certifiable components. A PECT consists of a component technology that has been extended with one or more reasoning frameworks that are used to predict how assemblies of components will behave. Developing and using a PECT involves a number of different activities, many of which are practical only when supported by automation. This paper investigates the nature of PECT infrastructures, summarizes the activities that a PECT infrastructure should support, and proposes a design for the tools that make up a PECT infrastructure. This paper also considers the reusability of such an infrastructure by evaluating the impact that three possible changes to a PECT have on its infrastructure.




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