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Performance Analysis of WS-Security Mechanisms in SOAP-Based Web Services

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posted on 2010-11-01, 00:00 authored by Mark Novakouski, Soumya Simanta, Gunnar Peterson, Edwin J. Morris, Grace A. Lewis
Identity management (IdM) solutions in web services environments are often compared on the levels of performance and security they provide. Selecting the appropriate IdM solution for a given system or application often requires making tradeoffs between security and performance, while also considering the system's contextual and environmental requirements and constraints. This paper presents the results of a series of experiments targeted at analyzing the performance impact of adding WS-Security, a common security standard used in IdM frameworks, to SOAP-based web services. The goal of this work is to establish a baseline of performance data that can be used to explore performance/security tradeoffs in environments with complex attributes, such as resource or bandwidth limitations.




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