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Phase I Testbed Description: Requirements and Selection Guidelines

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posted on 01.09.1988, 00:00 authored by Robert R. Holibaugh, James M. Perry, L. A. Sun
The Application of Reusable Software Components Project has constructed a reuse testbed for conducting software engineering experiments in software reusability. The hardware and system software of the testbed will provide a distributed computing environment with file-server capability for the storage of reusable components and other artifacts of the development process. The testbed will support a variety of domain-independent and domain-dependent reusable components. The testbed will also support tools that foster reuse. This document contains the requirements and selection criteria for the testbed hardware, software, reusable resources, and an environment. For each of these four testbed resources, the requirements are grouped into five areas: support of experiments, maximization of experience and reusability, applicability to problem domains, acceleration of technology transition, and advancing the state of the practice in reuse.




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