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Predictable Assembly of Substation Automation Systems: An Experiment Report, Second Edition

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posted on 01.09.2003, 00:00 authored by Scott HissamScott Hissam, John J. Hudak, James Ivers, Mark H. Klein, Magnus Larsson, Gabriel A. Moreno, Linda Northrop, Daniel Plakosh, Judith Stafford, Kurt C. Wallnau, William Wood
The Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC) Initiative at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is developing methods and technologies for predictable assembly. A software development activity that builds systems from components is predictable if the runtime behavior of an assembly of components can be predicted from known properties of components and their patterns of interactions (connections), and if these predictions can be objectively validated. A component is certifiable if these known properties can be obtained or validated by independent third parties. The SEI's technical approach to PACC rests on prediction-enabled component technology (PECT). At the highest level, PECT is a scheme for systematic and repeatable integration of software component technology, software architecture technology, and design analysis and verification technology. This report describes the results of an exploratory PECT prototype for substation automation, an application area in the domain of power generation, transmission, and management. This report focuses primarily on the methodological aspects of PECT; the prototype itself was only a means to expose and illustrate the PECT method.




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