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Proceedings of the First Annual Software Engineering Techniques Workshop, September 1994: Software Reengineering

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posted on 01.09.1994, 00:00 by Leonard Green, John K. Bergey, Walter Lamia, Dennis B. Smith
This is a report of the proceedings of the May 1994 Software Engineering Institute s Software Engineering Techniques Workshop on Software Reengineering. The report includes brief biographies of the workshop speakers and authors, and detailed accounts of nine working group session discussions on the following topics: reengineering architecture, decision analysis, system evolution and design records, reengineering economics analysis, understanding legacy systems, using lessons learned from other software reengineering projects, reengineering process models, software reuse, and reengineering technology and tools. The workshop established a foundation for capturing the best practices within reengineering and resulted in a detailed outline for a reengineering best practices handbook.




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