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System of Systems Interoperability (SOSI): Final Report

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posted on 01.04.2004, 00:00 by Edwin J. Morris, Linda Levine, B. Craig Meyers, Patrick R. Place, Daniel Plakosh
This technical report documents the findings of an internal research and development effort on system of systems interoperability (SOSI). The study was based on the belief that interoperability must occur at multiple levels within and across programs, and not solely in the context of a system construction. The Software Engineering Institute looked at the full range of barriers to achieving interoperability between systems, including programmatic, constructive, and operational barriers. An initial SOSI model representing this perspective was developed. The research method consisted of three activities: review of related research, conducting of small workshops, and interviews with experts. The literature survey focused on Department of Defense and related initiatives dedicated to achieving interoperability. Workshops were held in Washington, D.C. in February and May 2003. Interviews were conducted with experts representing each of the services, the National Reconnaissance Organization, and industry. Results from these activities are presented here.




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