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T-Check for Technologies for Interoperability: Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA): Part 1

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posted on 01.04.2007, 00:00 by Soumya Simanta, Grace A. Lewis, Lutz Wrage
Many current technology approaches exist for building systems that have interoperability requirements. This report investigates Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), one of the many technologies for accomplishing interoperability, using the T-Check technique. A T-Check is a simple and cost-efficient way to understand what a technology can and cannot do in a specific context. This report describes a T-Check exploration of the feasibility of using OGSA in the context of data management, finding that OGSA (a) provides data storage and retrieval where the specific implementation of the data store implementation is transparent and (b) allows addition or removal of data stores at runtime without affecting system operation. This report is part one of a two-part investigation; part two will look at OGSA in the context of load distribution.




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