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Using ArchE in the Classroom: One Experience

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posted on 01.09.2007, 00:00 by Felix Bachmann, Len Bass, Philip Bianco, Mark H. Klein
The Architecture Expert (ArchE) tool serves as a software architecture design assistant. It embodies knowledge of quality attributes and the relation between the achievement of quality attribute requirements and architecture design. This technical note describes the use of a pre-alpha release of ArchE in a graduate-level software architecture class at Clemson University. ArchE was used to assist the students in the architecting process. The tool was then evaluated by the students and instructor. The instructor felt that ArchE met his objectives as a pedagogical tool. The students, although critical of the pre-alpha status of ArchE, were enthusiastic about the benefits of having the step-by-step guide to the architect's designing process as provided by ArchE.




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