A Case for Nothing

2020-07-01T15:45:00Z (GMT) by Sohil Bhatia
This thesis studies the alternative potentials and multiplicity of nothing as opposed to its common interpretation as invisibility, absence and the void. The contemplative as well as delinear discussion is furthered to investigate other possible iterations of nothing as a result of language, loss of memory and naturalisation of thingness. The thesis conflates a thing and nothing, and absences and presences to co-exist, and elaborates on their dualism as opposed to a
mutually exclusive being; in an attempt to generate visibility for the unseen and to privilege absences in a fast paced and image saturated culture. Resultantly I outline the motivations and pressing concerns of my practice through a meeting of art and life as well as derive from the practices of Mendieta, Torres and Neunschwander in order to lay out a lineage for minimal practice that evades its relationship to the minimalists but embraces soft silences and addresses
the absent bodies’ relationship to space.