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A Descriptive Analysis of a Micro-Market Pre-Electrification: Yele, Sierra Leone

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posted on 18.08.2020, 20:37 authored by Victoria Baggio
This paper aims to provide a descriptive analysis of the micro-market, Yele, Sierra Leone, pre-electrification. It will do so through descriptive statistics and visual representations with the intention of providing recommendations to ensure the success of market growth post-electrification. My original work aimed to provide an analysis both before and after electrification. However, due to political unrest and lack of capital the hydroelectric power plant is still not live at the time of this paper. To start, I will introduce my previous work in Yele and the hydroelectric power plant that the Lion Heart Foundation is building. Then I will discuss descriptive statistics which include, returns to education, business sector make up, and capital measures. I provide visual representations of these various dynamics and give my policy recommendations for when electricity goes live. In general, my concerns are the location and regulation of those with lower education levels. I offer two predictions on what will happen to the shops in the service sector. First, I believe there will be an expansion of those businesses in the service sector. This will be followed by a consolidation of shops that are of the same nature. Lastly, I present my intentions for future studies in product diversification. I predict that product diversification will follow as similar patter to the shops in the service sector.





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