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A New Web-Based Interactive Data Visualization Tool for Geo-Located Data Clustering and Its Applications in Design

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posted on 2018-05-10, 00:00 authored by Yuqiao TangYuqiao Tang
Data clustering is an important technique for data visualization and statistical data analysis. Using data clustering technique for geo-located data analysis and visualization has been shown to be useful in many practical domains. Although there are numerous studies for data clustering algorithms, the implementations and applications based on these algorithms are rare and inadequate, especially for web-based data visualization services.
In this research, a new web-based interactive data clustering prototype is proposed for geo-located data visualization. The necessary web-based infrastructure for geo-located data analysis and visualization is designed and implemented at first. And then the new interactive data clustering prototype using multi-dimensional K-Means algorithm is implemented on the existing infrastructure.
In order to assess whether the new prototype can contribute meaningfully to architectural design and urban studies, qualified users with urban study or architectural backgrounds are invited to use the prototype and then make their comments and evaluations. To make it clear how this new prototype might apply in real world settings, an application scenario in which the user might interact with the prototype is provided and analyzed.




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  • Master's Thesis


  • Architecture

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  • Master of Science in Computational Design (MSCD)


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