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A book of the lawn the size of the lawn

posted on 03.08.2020, 19:16 authored by Zachary Rapaport

When the College of Fine Arts Lawn went missing, a map of the lawn the size of the lawn was created to take its place. That map is illustrated on the cover of this book. It’s an arrangement of 22,500 photographs that documents the missing lawn, point for point.

A map of such magnitude, however, must be abandoned. In addition to being cumbersome, it will soon yield little semblance to place it once mapped, and, not without irreverence, it is imperative the map be abandoned in due time. Hence, the purpose of this foreword is to announce the deconstruction of the map of the lawn the size of the lawn.

A book of the lawn the size of the lawn will be constructed in its place. Every point of the map will become a page in the book. Co-authorship from below (i.e. readers of this book) will transform the map into a book, page by page.

Consider this an invitation to author a page and dismantle the map.





Paul K. Eiss



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