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Building a Better Venue: Creating The Glass Onion for the Oakland Community

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posted on 2019-02-28, 19:44 authored by Dhruva Krishna
This proposal outlines the construction of an alternative music venue, The Glass Onion, in Oakland using Carnegie Mellon University investment to provide educational and professional opportunities for its students, and enhance the larger Pittsburgh arts community.

The Glass Onion will be staffed and operated by Carnegie Mellon University with input from community leaders. A faculty advisory board consisting of members from Dietrich College, The College of Fine Arts, Tepper Business School, and The Heinz College will help direct student workers and advise their work. One faculty advisor from this board will act as the primary faculty advisor, and serve a more present and permanent role working with student staff closely. The student staff will be composed of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines. Those students in higher positions will be paid by federal work study and tuition stipend programs. Volunteer positions will also be available for students to engage with the venue on a smaller level that can lead to later full-time experience.

Creating the space will cost at least $50,000 and as much as $74,000, given estimates of equipment, supplies and potential rent prices. However, it is important to stress the biggest obstacle in its construction is the cost of rent. Yet, this cost gets immediately reduced if the Glass Onion could operate in a space that Carnegie Mellon University already owns and is vacant.





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