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Enlightenment Suite: Poems

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posted on 2007-01-01, 00:00 authored by Zachary Harris

Insomnia Letter 5
Plummet 6
Last Will & Testament 7
Letter to a Coalmine 8
Airport Letter 9
Parable 10
Larry: To Whom I Have Never Written 11

Ten Things I Love More Than God 14
I Will Never Sing the Kitchen Man Blues Again 16
Sunday 17
Why I Want To Be An Accordion Player 19
The Cellist: A Danse Macabre 20
The Blue Madonna 21
Upon the Death of a Television Comedian 22
Joy & Pain 24

In 2086, 27
February in Poland 28
Elegy Pulled From the Ovens 29
In A Cemetery in Brooklyn 31
Balkan Honeymoon 32
The Paraplegics of Cherbourg 33
The Golem in Boca 38
The Real Weight of Everything 39

Enlightenment Suite

Invocation of the Forces of Goodness 41
A Melody to Sever the Ego Syndrome 42
Dance of the Black Hat Masters 43
Intense Encounters of the Third Degree 44
The Snow Lion Dance 45





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