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Exploring Digital Resilience in Qatar: A Socio-Technical Perspective

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posted on 01.10.2021, 20:58 by Yara Al-Abdulghani
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in major global disruptions to organizational and societal operations. To accommodate the ensuing restrictions many operations have shifted online. Anecdotally, most organizations and industries reported successful digital transitions. However, the extent to which individuals assimilated to such rapid transition remains largely unclear. Therefore, this study explores factors that enable individuals to develop resilience in the digital context. A new theoretical development is needed to fill this gap. In this research, an integrated conceptual model was developed derived from psychological resilience and Information Technology adoption disciplines. This integrated model aimed to provide a holistic framework of factors that constitute perceived digital resilience among individuals.

Findings from this study hold important theoretical implications for the emerging field of digital resilience, specifically in establishing a foundation for future research, along with practical implications given the continuation of the pandemic induced restrictions. The implications to Qatar are particularly pertinent given its aspirations towards digital development and readiness.





Savanid (Nui) Vatanasakdakul Chadi Aoun


Information Systems