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Feasibility analysis of implementing digital twins for security framework and digital forensics

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posted on 2023-05-02, 19:26 authored by Aviral Sharma

Recently there has been a rise in the volume of global intrusions such as Colonial Pipelines and SolarWinds. Progression in new technologies is increasing the number of vulnerabilities affecting a network against malicious threats. Zero Day vulnerabilities have been plaguing the Technology industry with only passive countermeasures in place. It means that a vulnerability is fixed only after it has been found, and in many cases, they have already been exploited enough before they are barely fixed. The various citations have proven that the concept of Digital Twins is one of the popular solutions that can help us actively search for vulnerabilities, predict and analyze attacks that can happen and how. However, it is important to analyze the feasibility of such an infrastructure for IT companies and their traditional networks. The implementation of Digital Twins is an additional overhead for creation, maintenance, update, security, etc which are not non-significant. In this paper we have proposed a scenario of use case of Digital Twins to infer the cost of such a solution compared to the security threats in consideration of a few assumptions. Such an analysis will give us insight for the feasibility of adopting such a solution rather than only the effectiveness of it in isolation. 




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