HUMAN(e) EXPERIENCE: Natural Gestures for Natural Interactions

2020-06-29T22:04:08Z (GMT) by Jaeyeon Huh
Gestures or behaviors are among the most important methods used to understand and communicate with others in the analog world. We, as social animals, have developed and accepted common mental models on the behavioral patterns of humans over time. The continuously evolving technologies allow us to interact with the digital world using mid-air gestures. However, the current mid-air gestural interfaces lack a human-driven approach in understanding how we present ourselves using our body in the analog world.
In this thesis, I explore the possibilities to enhance natural interactions within the smart home by taking advantage of human-driven gestures and behaviors. Design research is conducted through iterative cycles of bodystorming, technology prototyping, and concept refinement. These explorations reveal processes for framing appropriate natural gestures. It also proposes a formalized structure, including a dictionary and a syntax, for natural interactions. The application of natural gestures to mid-air gestural interfaces enhances the possibility to keep our human qualities intact while adapting to the ever-changing technological world.