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Happiness: A Multi-Voice Narrative

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posted on 2011-01-01, 00:00 authored by Ellene G Mobbs
At its heart, this project is simply a story about happiness. It may not look like a regular story-where you know exactly where it begins and where it ends and in what order you must read it in order to understand it fully-but I found that tackling the enormous (and enormously diverse) topic of happiness required an approach to narrative-crafting that would use the topic's multidimensionality as a tool to facilitate the telling of the story, rather than inhibit it. I wanted to create an experience for the user that allowed for multiple readings of the same material, where each reading highlighted a different relationship between the many voices in the story. It was also important to me that the user discovered these multiple readings on their own, even if it took several sessions with the material for them to do so. The idea is that happiness itself takes on many characteristics that can change over time.





Jim Daniels


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