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Interfacing the Multiplexer Room : Speculative Spatio-Mediated Assemblages for the Digitally-Interfered Home

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posted on 2022-10-25, 20:00 authored by Policarpo del Canto Baquera

During 2020 and much of 2021, the domestic space became fused with the needs and functions of a remote office. A computational-mediated choreography of different visual, sonic, and tactile operating interfaces has occupied the home disturbing our beyond-the-brain bodily experience of reality. Whereas commercial tech products are widely concerned by concepts of usability and efficiency, this thesis proposes an architectural, materially-informed, and site-specific study of domestic technology through Spatio-Mediated Assemblages —a type of environmentalreactive interactive artifact. 

Based on this model, three speculative assemblages reflect on a future context-aware computing interface for the Multiplexer Room —my own digitally-interfered home. These experiments reveal that non-visual interaction techniques, such as audio spatialization, provide a seamful approach to distributing information and actions across various mediums. They also highlight that non-computer-vision-centric tracking systems, such as ultra-wideband locationaware networks, are a barely intrusive alternative for orientation and motion virtualization of domestic interactions. 

Finally, this thesis leverages self-driven analysis of one’s intimate space and behaviors to design more fine-grained digital interactions. In so doing, it encourages other creative technologists to adopt autobiographical methods when crafting interactive spatial experiences.




Degree Type

  • Master's Thesis


  • Architecture

Degree Name

  • Master of Science in Computational Design (MSCD)


Daragh Byrne Golan Levin Lawrence Shea